Willowdale Estate is a Luxury Residential Private Estate, owned and operated by Imagin Illyar, in the virtual world of Second Life®

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The regions of Willowdale are a made up of professionally terraformed, fully landscaped, luxury woodland residential lots – with a lot of character. Only the highest quality trees and shrubbery, water features, etc. – you’ve likely not seen woodland done quite like this before – custom waterfalls flowing into streams with quaint wooden bridges crossing to little islands in private ponds. The attention to detail is evident – from the professional environmental sounds, the Monet grass and rocks that match the waterfalls, and the privacy. In Willowdale you do not see your neighbours from your own lot. The regions are all full-prim, high performance sims with 5-6 lots per sim – so you’ll often have it to yourself. All lots come with a high-end security system you control yourself and passionately dedicated customer support.

Visit the Willowdale Rental Office in Second Life®.